Terms and conditions

Check-in: as early as 2pm

Check-out: before 11am



The maximum number of guests allowed to stay at the property is 5. Your reservation must include the total number of guests.
Guests in addition to those booked for are not permitted to visit or stay on the property.
No partying or illicit drugs permitted on the property strictly enforced and misdemeanors subject to fines.


We do have security cameras on the property (outside only) monitoring vehicles entering
property. We ask that you do not tamper with cameras. Thank you.


Please no fire/lit candles/smoking of any kind inside the house.
No smoking cigarettes on property.

Silent Hours

Please make sure to lower the noise outside by 10pm

Pets + Animals

Unfortunately our property is not pet-friendly. Fine of $300 minimum cleaning fee for hosting guests bringing pets without permission.


We provide white linens for the bathroom only. Blue Towels are provided that you may use at
the springs or outside shower. Any linens removed from the cabin will result in a replacement fee. (If running laundry in the washing machine, please separate blue towels from all others.)


For check-out, we ask that you kindly collect all trash to remove from the cabin to take with you.
Garbage pick-up is not available on our road. Thank you for understanding.
If you would prefer the cleaner to collect trash, please contact us to consent to the $60 additional cleaning fee for the service of taking trash to the nearest recycle center.


Please wash all dishes with warm water and soap, and put away at end of your stay.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is firm. Once booking your chosen dates, you may email your host directly at floridaspringscabins@gmail.com to make any changes.
We are available to help assist you plan your ideal getaway to visit the best of Florida Springs.
No refunds for cancellations made within 30 days prior to booking dates.